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This site "Ploughing through Biometry" is designed to help with statistics and biometry. If you have taken a class in statistics and need revision about some basic concepts we hope you will find this site useful.

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Statistics for biology and agricultural science (also called biometry) is applied to a wide range of topics. It is the application of statistical methods and robust processes in exprimental design of biological experiments, especially in medicine, biology, and agriculture. It involves  the study design, collection, summarization, and analysis of data from experiments; and the interpretation of, and inference from experiments to scientific conclusions.

This site has been developed by Dr Miranda Mortlock and a team at the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences , Faculty of Science,  University of Queensland with funding from Teaching and Learning grant and is focused on agricultural applications. Under Additional Topics there is a presentation on Survey Design and the importance of discussing your proposed study design with a statistician

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